The award-winning film Mythic Journeys, features an eclectic cast, from the legendary Tim Curry and Mark Hamill to author Dr. Deepak Chopra.  This gave us a challenge: who exactly was the target audience?  On one hand we had the sci-fi and fantasy fans, on the other, a spiritual community that had different taste from the average fan-boy.  We decided to create several versions of the landing pages, trailers and artwork so that we could tailor the experience to the specific viewer.  This gave us a great opportunity to chart what was working and what wasn’t.

  • Target audience precision
  • Ad specific Analytics
  • Ad tracking
  • Facebook ads as low as .07 cents per click
  • Twitter campaign over 20,000 followers and still growing.
  • Monetized YouTube channel
  • Created with Photoshop & Dreamweaver


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