Facebook, Twitter & YouTube, oh my!

Whether you’ve ever visited them or not, you probably know about the main social networking sites.  Millions and millions of people visit them everyday.  As a business owner you can take advantage of existing networks and carve out your own targeted niche.  It’s starts with branding; making the customers experience memorable. creating a consistant image between the various websites and tie those into your home page.  The law of three – it takes a consumer seeing your info at least three times in different locations before they begin to think, “Hey, maybe I should check these guys out.”

FACEBOOK is probably one of the best known social networking sites.  It’s an incredibly powerful sharing tool, both for personal and business use.  When people “LIKE” your page, they share it with everyone who LIKES their page, and their friends in turn share it with people who LIKE their page and so on and so forth.  It’s a way to connect people with similar interests.  These days having a properly planned Facebook landing page is as important as having a good website. You choose the pages that fans and non fans can visit.  In fact, you can create a Facebook experience for your customers so they never have to leave the comfort of their account.  They can browse, join and purchase directly from your Facebook page.

TWITTER  – Social connections in 140 characters or less.  Let’s face it, we’re all really busy.  We don’t have time to read 144 characters of text.  But 140 characters, no problem.  Twitter is not only a great tool to find out that your best friend is at the local donut shop trying on shoes, but it’s a necessary business-consumer communication tool.  The key is to finding your niche in an ever crowded space.  We look at your unique business and identify the best approach for a successful and profitable twitter campaign.



YOUTUBE  – Every business should take advantage of the powerful features that YouTube provides.  Creating a custom YouTube Channel for your company is essential.  It’s a great place for product information, faqs, training resources, and when your video goes viral – monetizing!  Youtube users ability to share, e-mail, and embed videos is one of the most comprehensive tools in your advertising strategy.  Plus you can watch some really cute videos of puppies.